retail design axon HUXHUX
  • We are wildly obsessed with any number of styles and our aesthetic fixations run both wide and deep, yet we do not allow style to constrain the scope of our work.  Style is the resultant of a design process, not the impetus for it.  We work towards design solutions that transcend initial or singular ideas.  We understand design as a process rather than a creation of self-satisfied brilliance.  
  • We believe in the power of well-designed spaces to transform the way people experience the places they live.  
  • We embrace constraints that bind your projects.  Whether it be budgets, building codes, schedules or site constraints we use these factors to tailor specific design solutions.  We begin each project by meeting with the client to identify the core questions they have for their projects.  By tuning into the concerns of our clients, we can collectively evaluate the design proposals that develop from there.  We are not interested in predetermined solutions or taking givens as givens.  We work with clients to be sure that we are designing effectively on all fronts.  We feel responsible to exercise both vision and restraint such that we, as your designers, will engage comprehensively with the design process--from defining scope of work, to project scheduling, to contractual relationships, to procurement and construction oversight.  
  • Design is simultaneously highly specific and banal.  We  must slog through base understandings and parameters for each project so that we can develop insightful design solutions that produce spaces that either reveal unexpected territories, recover overlooked opportunities, or reaffirm conventions with measured conviction.