DATE: 2014

For Picnic by Design 2014, HUXHUX creates a Platonic Picnic. Embracing the chance to design a fun, ritualistic experience, we were inspired to design highly specific picnic bags. We don't like catch-all solutions because New-Yorkers' lives are too particular. Likewise, each bag has a different function to make a unique picnic experience.

The Square is our workhorse, toting the utensils, food, and a custom made cheese board for a hearty picnic. The Circle is our redux of a traditional picnic blanket, opening and unfurling the picnic blanket from within like a sail of a boat. Generous trays unfold from the circle halves to hold your food and fun. The Triangle is our romantic picnic, carrying wine and glasses in a custom tray. This bag unfolds and turns into a picnic table.

We are inspired by Robert Allen's Floating Worlds fabrics. We choose to play with the Silk Ocean pattern to capitalize on its graphic and textural nature. Our fascination with this material is displayed in the detail resolution for each bag and the custom tabletop and accessories for this project. The fabric is dreamy yet functional, familiar yet unique, luxurious yet comfortable...all qualities we embrace while thinking of ideal picnic adventures. There's a fantastical element we associate with “the picnic” that seem all too rare these days. Our Platonic Picnic captures this fantasy to sweep you away. Whether it be an afternoon in Sheep Meadow or a long day in Long Island, The picnic blanket serves as your raft on a floating world.