DATE: 2016

This is a new 10,000 SF coworking brand that offers both private offices and collective workstations to its members.  The challenge for us was to design the space to provide for a balance between the different needs and desires of closed versus open office coworking.  Additionally, we wanted to allocate ample potentials for members to informally leverage the space.  Large open lounges and casual high-top working counters are found throughout the facility to encourage private work breaks or informal meetings.  The cafe and dining area provide a different scene for taking a break from your typical work setup.  Three large meeting rooms and a classroom offer more structured productive spaces for meetings or events.  The project strikes a nice balance between the individual and the collective.  Members can easily collaborate one day and hunker down to work privately the next day.  The space used to be a parole office, so when we first saw the property it was about as grim as it could possibly be.  The design challenge was clear and sizeable.  We had to take this space from a bare-bones shell and breathe life back into it.